網絡拉近人的距離 網絡在大大拉近了人與人之間的距離的同時 - 上海娛樂網
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網絡拉近人的距離 網絡在大大拉近了人與人之間的距離的同時

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aThe school day's first class begins at 7:45 am. 正在翻譯,請等待... [translate] 
a你在什么地方工作? You in what local work? [translate] 
a不曾有一點的眷戀 Not once had a point attachment [translate] 
aMost employers prefer to hire people with experience, and the only way to gain it is by getting a job. Valuable skills such as handling human relationships and solving problems,which many students sorely lack, can also be picked up on the job, Of course, such skills may be taught in school, but sooner or later, young 多數雇主喜歡雇用人以經驗,并且唯一的方式獲取它是通過得到工作。 可貴的技能例如處理人間親情和解決問題,許多學生疼痛地缺乏,在工作在學?赡芤脖皇捌,當然,這樣技能也許被教,但遲早,青年人在真實世界將需要使用他們。 為什么不學會他們那里? [translate] 
a銘記老師、朋友、同學對我的幫助 Remembers always teacher, the friend, schoolmate to my help [translate] 
aSlowly found J'ai super que vous aimez 慢慢地發現我有超級您喜歡 [translate] 
a青椒炒豬大腸 The green pepper fries the pig large intestine [translate] 
a他跌倒在地 He tumbles in the place [translate] 
a這樣你一定會在學校變得快樂的 Like this you can certainly become joyful in the school [translate] 
a雷達觀測與模擬器和ARPA訓練 Electronic observation and simulator and ARPA training [translate] 
a因此對中國西部動漫展的現狀有必要進行分析,以期起到一個引導作用 Therefore the animation unfolds to China west the present situation has the necessity to carry on the analysis, plays by the time to a guidance role [translate] 
a你有病把 You are sick [translate] 
a9月份依然是旺季,出租率依然較高。 In September still is the busy season, the hiring rate is still high. [translate] 
awork in pairs.Look at Jack and say what he usually does 工作在對?唇芸瞬⑶沂裁凑f他通常 [translate] 
acalculate the power of detect a QTL 計算力量查出QTL [translate] 
ai’d build myself up The click picture, enters the next page [translate] 
a因為雨太大了 Because the rain too was big [translate] 
a讀MBA是我的理想 Reads MBA is my ideal [translate] 
a ! 愉快永遠, [hyaa]! [translate] 
areeducation 再教育 [translate] 
a一切迷離 汚れるすべて [translate] 
a奔跑的 Runs [translate] 
a我不認識你! I do not know you! [translate] 
a這是你的褲子嗎? This is your pants? [translate] 
a布魯斯pan 布魯斯, [translate] 
a小七、大順、維尼、單車、幸福在一起。 Small seven, Dashun, Uygur Nepal, bicycle, happily in same place. [translate] 
aAdvertising Limited 被限制的做廣告 [translate] 
a情兔 Sentiment rabbit [translate] 
a如果媽媽把自己的全部都奉獻給家庭我認為是自私的行為 If mother own all offers completely for the family I thought is the selfish behavior [translate] 
a您為什么不在我們學校了? You why not in our school? [translate] 
a魏雪薇是我最愛的人 Wei Xue Wei is the human who I most love [translate] 
aI hardly ever watch TV ,I love reading。 我幾乎不看電視,我喜愛讀。 [translate] 
a我不理解你,你也總忙于工作 I do not understand you, you also always are busy with the work [translate] 
aI'm taken so single girls stay away 我被採取,因此唯一女孩離開 [translate] 
a好可愛的女孩 Good lovable girl [translate] 
aEdinburgh castle was built between 1058 愛丁堡城堡被修造了在1058年之間 [translate] 
aI.used.to.love.you,but.you.love.my.friend!Now.I.am.not.argey.with.my.friend.I.think.they.will.have I.used.to.love.you, but.you.love.my.friend! Now.I.am.not.argey.with.my.friend.I.think.they.will.have [translate] 
a我覺得我自己真的很幸運,因為我出生在一個充滿愛的家庭。在我爸爸上班前 I think I really very luckily, because I am born the family which loves in a fill.Goes to work front my daddy [translate] 
aLong time no see you, i'm dying to see you ! 很長時間沒有看見您, i'm死看您! [translate] 
athe others are don't read newspaper nearly 其他是不幾乎讀報紙 [translate] 
aMughetto Mughetto [translate] 
aHurricane Glass 颶風玻璃 [translate] 
aRemember what should be remembered, and forget what should be forgotten. Alter what is changeable, and accept what is immutable. 記住應該記住什么,并且忘記應該忘記了什么。 修改什么是多變的,并且接受什么是不變的。 [translate] 
aI love you more and more each day, as time goes by.,,_~ 我愛你越來越每天,作為時間路過。, _~ [translate] 
a社會學 Sociology [translate] 
aThe world is so big, I met you, but the world is so small, so I lost you. 世界是,很大,我遇見了您,但世界是,很小,因此我失去了您。 [translate] 
aThe world is so big, lets me meet you, but, the world was so small, lets me throw you. 世界是,很大,讓我遇見您,但,世界是,很小,讓我投擲您。 [translate] 
aTo you I really give up, do not want to continue to love again 對我真正地放棄的您,不要想要繼續再愛 [translate] 
a勤工助學管理中心 Hard work to support study administrative center [translate] 
a為什么不勇敢的跟別人交流呢 Why not brave with others exchange [translate] 
a組成某人 Composes somebody [translate] 
a這首歌是我的作業。 This first song is my work. [translate] 
a我覺得我自己真的很幸運,因為我出生在一個充滿愛的家庭。我爸爸上班前,他都要先擁抱一下我和媽媽,然后親吻一下我們的額頭 I think I really very luckily, because I am born the family which loves in a fill.Front my daddy goes to work, he all wants to hug me and mother first, then kisses our forehead [translate] 
aUtility Series 公共系列 [translate] 
a正在請珍惜 Please be treasuring [translate] 
a但是,網絡在大大拉近了人與人之間的距離的同時,也帶來了人與人之間的許多紛爭。 But, the network while has been pulling closer greatly between the human and human's distance, also has brought between the human and human's many disputes. [translate] 
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